7 Steps For Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

June 29, 2021

By Mr. Rogers Hardwood Flooring, LLC

1.     Sweep and/or Dust Mop Daily, But Do Not Use Over-The-Counter Products on The Floor; These Will Cause the Floor to Become Slick or Can Dull the Finish.

2.     Use Mats and Throw Rugs at Doorways to Prevent the Tracking of Dirt and Debris. It Is Also Recommended to Use Throw Rugs in High-Traffic Areas.

3.     Clean Your Floor's Surface with A Lightly Dampened Cloth and Recommended Cleaning Product (Ask Our Flooring Pros at Mr. Rogers Hardwood Flooring), According to The Manufacturer's Directions.

4.     Never Use A Wet Mop on A Wooden Floor; Water Causes Deterioration of The Wood as Well as The Finish.

5.     Use Protective Pads Under Furniture to Avoid Scratches and Scrapes.

6.     Be Aware of the Type of Flooring You Have; Purchase Products Recommended by Your Installer. Different Finishes Have Different Requirements. It is Always Best to Follow Professional Advice.

7.     Do Not Clean Your Floors with Oil or Oil-Based Products. Clean Only When Necessary and Then Only the Soiled Areas.

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