Should You Put Hardwood in the Kitchen?

March 16, 2021

By Mr. Rogers Hardwood Flooring, LLC

Is Hardwood in the kitchen a good idea?

Many homeowners are apprehensive about installing hardwood in their kitchen for a few (good) reasons. One reason is that kitchens are high-traffic areas- especially with children and dogs.


Cleaning up messes AS SOON as they occur is a lifesaver for your floors. It is the kitchen, and spills are bound to happen, but cleaning them sooner rather than later will save your floors from damage. When ice cubes drop from the fridge ice maker, do not kick them under the fridge. Instead, it is best to pick them up to avoid melting and causing water damage.


Placing a mat underneath dog bowls helps avoid, in my case, most of the water from getting on the hardwood.

Install a hardwood vs. a softwood

Choose hardwood for your kitchen. While considered a softwood, Pine is extremely popular back in the North East, but it is NOT a good choice for the kitchen with an active family. Instead, choose the flooring that ranks higher on the Janka Scale, for example, White Oak. White oak has a Janka rating of 1360, while Red Oak has a Janka rating of 1290. Its graining is tighter than Red Oak and makes it a better choice for kitchen installations.

Key an eye on appliances

Always keep an eye on your appliances, especially your refrigerator and dishwasher: many times, these appliances leak. If not detected soon enough, the water will damage your floor. We have had to repair countless clients’ floors whose fridge leaked. Although a leak is not always avoidable, you can minimize the damage that can occur with proper attention. Water damage signs include spacing, buckling, crowning or cupping, and color change, and pulling up from the subfloor.

I hope I have calmed your hesitations about installing hardwood in your kitchen. Hardwood floors in the kitchen are beautiful, warm, inviting, and classic. With the proper care and maintenance, your floors are sure to last.

If It’s WOOD, We Can Make It LOOK GOOD!

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