What Causes Floors to Squeak or Creak?

July 13, 2021

By Mr. Rogers Hardwood Flooring, LLC

New Floors

In new homes, wood flooring always squeaks and creaks. At times, these may pop or crack without walking on them. Do not panic- these are getting acquainted with the new owner. Acclimate the floors before installation and finishing, but it may take months before getting the floor acclimated to the new environment.


Humidity and Temperature Changes

There is no getting around it- in North Carolina, it can get very humid at times, especially in the summer months. It can get dry and cold in winter.

Changes in humidity and temperature can cause woods to expand or contract, causing the planks to separate somewhat. When someone walks into the area, it naturally squeaks or creaks. Because of the humidity and temperature, you may notice it gets unnoticed sometimes of the year. 


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