Hardwood Floors Repairs

Reasons for Hardwood Floor Repair: Water Damage Warping, Buckling, Cupping, Gouge, Scratch, Stains

There are quite a few circumstances and scenarios that can lead to your home or business needing their hardwood floors repaired. Mr. Rogers Hardwood Flooring has the expertise, experience, and skills to repair your hardwood floors. Common problems that require professional hardwood floor repair are:

Hardwood Floor Splitting & Cracks. Even with proper maintenance, hardwood floors can become cracked and split, especially if neglected. With proper care and maintenance, you can greatly minimize and prolong the event. Mr. Rogers Hardwood Flooring can make necessary repairs on minor and moderate problems. However, in some severe cases refinishing or replacement may be necessary.

Hardwood Floor Plank Gaps 

Gaps in the plank are another frequent issue that Mr. Rogers Hardwood Flooring can repair with our hardwood floor repair service. In this instance, Mother Nature is the culprit, as wood can shrink and expand with various weather conditions. The hardwood floor will shrink when it dries out and expands when it is damp from humid days. With the routine expansion and contraction, the hardwood floor planks will eventually start to the gap. Where this is a normal occurrence, accept it as it is. If the gaps are less than a dime width, they are fine. If they exceed that, Mr. Rogers Hardwood Flooring can tighten them up with our hardwood floor repair service.

Hardwood Floor Buckling. 

When the boards warp and lift away from the subfloor, it is known as buckling. This can happen in several different ways. Mr. Rogers Hardwood Flooring will perform an inspection check to find the source and make the necessary repairs to the initial problem and repair any damage the buckling may have caused.

Cupped Hardwood Floors. 

Cupped floors or wash boarding will develop when the center of the board sinks by the wood strip's width, gradually raising the edges of the hardwood plank. When the moisture is imbalanced, the moisture builds up on the bottom, and the top dries out of the wood plank, which causes the cupping. For Mr. Rogers Hardwood Flooring to make the repairs, it is prudent you stabilize the humidity levels in your home first.

Warped Hardwood Floors

Warped floors, commonly referred to as sagging floors, are a more serious problem concerning hardwood flooring. When the hardwood floors warp, it is due to excessive moisture constantly interacting with the hardwood floor. Finding the root of the moisture first is essential. Once that has been resolved, Mr. Rogers Hardwood Flooring can make the necessary repairs to your hardwood floor.

Hardwood Floor Water Damage

Water damage is a big problem concerning hardwood floors. Not only can warping and stains occur, but mold and mildew can get established along with most of the other problems listed above. If your hardwood floor has been inflicted with water damage, Mr. Rogers Hardwood Flooring can come and inspect and assess the issues at hand and provide solutions to make your hardwood floor restored.

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